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Monthly Archives: November 2018

How To Keep Conversation Going With A Girl

Talk of Interesting Stories

Always have a story in mind. Don’t just show up to a date or call someone on the phone and not have something to say. Look online if you don’t have a story, and try to find out something cool or unique. It can be funny, it could be odd, it could be something you saw on the way to see them etc. The key is to have a lot of anecdotes and stories that help you continue talking. Now, when you talk about things, you can follow up with another question, or just ask about their day etc. The key is to ensure that they see you’re confident, and in return they help you with a bit of conversation as well. You shouldn’t try to force the process of learning how to keep conversation going with a girl, instead, let things come through naturally.

Take Her Somewhere Interesting

One way to ensure that you are figuring out how to keep conversation going with a girl, is to take a girl somewhere interesting. Take her somewhere she’s never been, and have conversations about where you are, where you want to go, and so much more. For instance, go on a day hike to a romantic overlook. Doing so will have her opening up to you, and will no doubt help you get along better with them. Try to find spaces where conversation is critical, and not too loud. A loud and noisy place will not give you the same clearance. Take her somewhere nice, and you’ll find a great deal of positivity comes through.

Ask Questions About Them

The first thing that you should think about is simple, ask questions about them. You should be asking about their life, routine, and more. Don’t just ask about the mundane, think about other things that they may want to answer. Do not go straight to personal things, but rather open-ended items. Ask about a good memory they have from childhood, or what makes them smile today. Make them think about positive things in their lives, and try to follow up with things that you like from your childhood and good times. The key here is to get them to talk about themselves, and get comfortable with you. When you focus on how to keep conversation going with a girl, you need them to feel like you’re a good listener.

Creating a Positive LDR

Keep your Skype or phone call dates. Cancelling on your partner might imply to them, they are an afterthought or just an alternative if nothing better is going on. Keep your scheduled Skype/phone calls as you would a date. After all, you are dating your partner right? Make sure you inform your friends or family of your plans to spend the evening talking to your partner and that you are unavailable at that time. If you need to cancel for an emergency, let your partner know so they don’t feel stood up.

Communicate about anything and everything. Be honest about how you are feeling, share what you are passionate about and what activities you are currently involved in. Talk to your partner with video chat, instant messenger, email. Write an old fashioned letter to your lover as a surprise or a romantic gesture. Send your partner little gifts in the mail you think they would enjoy. It is the little things that let them know you are thinking of them during your everyday when you are apart.

Visit each other and never cancel them unless it is an emergency. Refusing to commit to an agreed visit or cancelling on your partner for alternative vacation can cause irrevocable damage. By staying committed to your visits, you will demonstrate to your partner your desire to be with them on an everyday basis in the future. If you no longer feel the relationship is working out or have some fear about visiting, discuss this issue with your partner instead of cancelling on them and lying about the reason. Resolving these issues can help you reevaluate and strengthen your relationship.

Split the costs of visits and discuss finances with your partner. If you live on opposite ends of your country or even the world, finances need to be discussed about visits and preparation for your future. Is your fiancĂ© from a country where they don’t make as much money as you? What are they trying to help pay for in terms of visits? What do you each expect from the relationship in terms of finances in the future? Discussing the financial aspect of your relationship helps to lay a foundation for future expectations, agreements and commitments that you seek in your partner.

Discuss where your relationship is headed and your common goals. This helps each partner to have a sense of what they should be working towards making your relationship a success. This is especially important in intercultural long distance relationships. What are you both seeking in life? What are your expectations? The natural conclusion should be that at some point you will begin to live together and even marry. Who is willing to relocate? Are you both willing to relocate to a mutually agreeable location? Finding a common ground between cultural differences is a key to success in intercultural relationships as it will prevent many arguments in the future.

Ways to Be a Better Girlfriend

Be open and honest

If there is something going on in your life that is concerning you and your partner asks what the problem is, you should simply tell him. Try to let him know what you need and what you think. It will typically benefit to avoid a situation that leaves him making guesses to try to find you what the problem is.

Be attentive

There is a very noticeable difference when it comes to being clingy and being attentive when out and about. It is best to avoid being overly clingy because this will give the impression that you are very needy. If you are in a happy relationship there shouldn’t be any need to prove to others that you are together. Additionally, it is important to avoid flirting with your partner’s friends.

Don’t hassle or argue

Make sure to avoid getting in a situation where you regularly hassle or argue with each other. In most situations the other person will simply tune out when they start to get nagged.

Respect each others space

Most men don’t want to be a constant companion or always be open to discussing their feelings. If you try to discuss his problems when he isn’t ready or want him to be with you all the time, there is a risk that you may simply push him away. It can benefit to simply be patient and leave him the time to start a conversation that relates to private issues. Take things slowly to give the relationship the time it needs to develop naturally.

Don’t attempt to change him

It isn’t likely to help a relationship if you want to change your partner. It is more practical to accept him as he is. If you aren’t happy with things like his occupation, what he says, or the way he dresses, then he isn’t likely to be the right one for you. When you partner accepts you without wanting to make changes, you should be willing to be just as accepting.

Find Your Soul Mate

Re-Position Yourself.

Instead of going on a hunting expedition, think about repositioning yourself. Now God is the master strategist and can maneuver like no other. Still, being in the right place doesn’t hurt. What places do you frequent? Are they appropriate? I, for example, know when I don’t fit. It creates an uncomfortable feeling. What is more, are you hiding like a hermit? Making yourself scarce will cause you to miss the divine connection.

Scrutinize every encounter.

Did you notice that Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz stuck to her mission while traveling down the yellow brick road? She encountered three different men – the lion, the scarecrow, and the tin man. Each male needed something. Guess what? Dorothy assessed their situations, she encouraged, she provided assistance but remembered the goal. All in all, Dorothy returned to Kansas.

Similarly, we encounter different men on this journey called life. They need encouragement, insight, or just someone to listen. It’s okay to help; God created women to nurture. However, avoid giving more of yourself than necessary. Dorothy knew what to give and what to withhold. Do you?

Consequently, choosing the wrong road gives rise to confusion and delays. So, complete the assignment then return to the mission. You can’t afford to muddy the water. The stakes are too high.

Be anxious for nothing.

Desperation equates to anxiousness, and my Bible says to be anxious for nothing. Worry along with doubt make you crazy. You start thinking and believing the wrong stuff. “I’m too old. Time is running out.”

At length, you decide to take matters into your own hands. Instead of making progress, nevertheless, you end up going five steps backward. A word to the wise is sufficient. Desperation is a dangerous perfume to wear. Aside from giving the wrong scent, it doesn’t become you.

Grow your faith.

Simply put, this tip is crucial. Why? Growing your faith impacts every aspect of your life – not just receiving a soul mate. Faith goes the distance. Likewise, you must commit to go the distance. Since faith comes by hearing and hearing, saturating yourself in the word is essential.